1. SHAMPOO – Like cleansing of the skin – it removes external build up on the hair (Pollutants, bacteria,) and also removes any internal build up in the pores on the scalp

2. CONDITIONING – Conditioner about conditioning the hair, balances your hair and provides a moisturise solution to your hair making it look good.  A leave in treatment ensures long lasting effects

3. PURIFYING AND TONING –  Start the scalp toning, repairing and hydrating of your skin at a deep cellular level.  With deep hydration the skin can balance its own levels ensuring balanced/neutral skin

4. HYDRATION AND REPAIR – Further Hydration into the scalp at a epidermis level, and with the use of ALOE VERA in the TONING/HYDRATION phase invite in the next treatment, this allows nutrients back in the skin, assists the skin, protects and strengthens the cells