Hi,I visited your Byron store last week and bought a face cream and lip balm. I was given a couple of samplers also thank you. The products are wonderful!Ive used Jurlique and Dermalogica products for years now and since I used the Aloe face cream, my skin looks and feels awesome!Id like to try a few of the other products, my order below. Please advise delivery times as my sister is actuallly visiting Byron this week and it may be more suitable for her to pick up the products for me. Body Milk #042 @$28Exfoliant #106 @$30Shampoo #014 @$22Conditioner ##017 @$22 Thanks heaps, please call me for my credit card details. cheers angelique (Now a successful Wild Nature consultant)

Hi, I would like to buy a 250mL bottle of the AV daily face and body wash. I have previously bought this from you at the orange grove markets, balmain.... I tried an alternative face wash that I found at the markets, and it's awful!! Will you be at any inner west markets in the next few weeks? Thanks

Dear Wild Nature,

Thank you so much for your swift delivery. I can not stress enough how much your product has helped me. I have only one problem, my fiancé has now discovered the difference the Pure Organic Aloe Vera makes. He loves it as much as I do!

Could you please send me another 250ml shampoo & conditioner. I couldn’t bear to run out. Thanks again, your a Godsend!

Wendy Hill
Dear Justine,

Thanks for my 1 Litre bottle of Aloe, and the cleanser bars, the whole family just loves it. The organic aloe vera is the only thing my son will use after shaving, in fact he uses it every morning to moisturise, I’m amazed. Mary

A very happy and satisfied customer called. She used the Aloe Lotion atomiser on her dogs skin and found it very effective for relieving the itching and for healing the skin. Before, her dog use to scratch until it bled, and then got sores. Lots of loveJenni

Thank you Wild Nature, Having just gone through radiotherapy treatment, the Organic Aloe is working. It soothes my skin, its really helping. My skin is so tender at the moment that the slightest touch is really painful. Using the atomiser allows me to apply the aloe without touching the skin. I remember you saying that this will also keep application sterile. Thank you Sue Reyno

5th June 2006

“I friend of mine that I had not seen for 6 months actually asked me if I’d started using Botox because my skin is so soft and smooth, it’s the Repair Oil. !”

Hello Wild Nature;

I am interested in ordering some of your aloe vera products to take care of my pregnant body and my soon-to-arrive little baby! Please let me know how I can place an order for international shipment, I cant live without these little luxuries. The products I would like to order are as follows:

Pure Organic Aloe Vera Face and Body Atomizer SKU#004 $20.00
Pure Organic Aloe Vera Face and Body Cream SKU#028(500 g tub) $96.00
I look forward to hearing from you, Kind regards Susan UK

10/08/06 Hi Jenni

Just a quick note to say thanks for my latest order. The eye serum and the anti oxidant serum are divine. I will be making another order for gifts before Christmas. In the meantime I have had many a few people comment on my skin and what I use. They don’t have access to the net. Can you please send about 10 little booklets that outline the products and the pricelist? I will then get all the orders and order them all at once. Thanks again – just love the products! Andrea MariglianoComo PS. The Rose body oil is beautiful

July 2006

I am a Psoriasis sufferer and heard about your products from a friend who visited the Eumundi markets a while back and said he came across your Aloe vera spray. He told me he sprayed it on himself as he does have a mild psoriasis problem but mainly purchased it for his 70 year old father of whom has psoriasis quite bad.and had some good results. So I was wondering if you or a friend of yours would be attending the Eumundi markets this weekend as I am planing to visit…..

Cheers John. Sat, March 04 2006 2.34pm

I have been using your products for a few months now and they are the BEST I have ever used! I am prone to pimple breakouts, and your green cleansing bar and Aloe spray sorted those out quick smart!! It is amazing how the skin heals itself when given the right nutrients. Honestly, I noticed a difference overnight – cleansed, sprayed, woke up and my break outs were well on their way out. They go completely after about 3 days. My friend noticed the same thing. I can’t tell enough people about your products! My boyfriend had some eczema on his elbow, so we sprayed it with your Aloe lotion and it went away after a day or two - Amazing. My sister now uses your products on herself and her baby both have benefited since using them. Can you please email me back and let me know if I can use any of your products on my dog? He has itchy skin and I think your products would help. Regards,Nicole.

8th Aug 2006

One of my clients who had burnt her face on a tealight candle a few weeks ago – came back on Saturday to say that the lotion and f&B wash had cured the sores in a week; and she was very happy with the result. She bought some cream for the scarring. Jan Prowse Wild Nature Consultant Canberra

24th May 2006 Hello,

My friend from Australia, Kate Major, brought me some of your Pure Organic Aloe Vera Face & Body Cream. I love it! I am a triathlete and have frequent sunburns on my face. I can already tell a difference in my skin in less than one week! I want to make an order…. Thanks!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Lyndsey May 14th 2006

Hi there, I recieved a bottle of the pure organic aloe vera face and body lotion as a gift from a friend who was holidaying in port douglas recently, and after trying this product on my son who suffers from eczema, I was impressed with the results. I would like to order the following products sku # 003 x 1 # 019 x 1 # 006 x 1 Thank you.Damir

I absolutely LOVE your products. I'm on my very last little bits of the face and body cream. I'm going through great pains to spread them very sparingly over my ever-expanding pregnant belly! Thank you for your help and for your wonderful products. Sincerely Susan


Hi, end recently traveled to Australia and brought me back a bottle of one of your products. I only problem is, I'm not sure which product it is! I assume it's a body lotion. It is in a clear bottle with only a label that says Wild Nature, Australia on it. Nothing about the contents! It is white and a lotion consistency.

Would that be for face and body or just body?Thank you, in advance, for your help! When she gave me the bottle she told me it is what Nicole Kidman uses!!

Marci Levine 26th April 2006

Kind Regards,Chris. P.S. We are really enjoying the aloe products and I can't imagine ever going back to revlon or the likes as cleansers etc. I love the natural feeling and just enjoy the naturalness of it all. Keep up the good work.

30th March 2006

I bet you never thought you'd get this from me eh!:) Well I've been using the massage cream to moisturise my very dry, itchy, often red and sore feet (a type of ecsma/food allergy skin reaction), and find this cream gives me almost Instant relief from itchiness in particular. Very healing and relieving. I'm loving the hair serum and found a few ways for people with curly dryhair like mine to use it. I'm acutally using a few drops with myconditioner each day as well as using it as a hair pack with heat once aweek and wash out. My hair has improved Heaps. Do we have an instructions page of how to use it to give to customerswhen they buy it? Would be good as there are no instructions on thebottle. Also the label on my bottle is fading from water. Cheers. X.Shauna

4th March 2006

I have been using your products for a few months now and they are the BEST I have ever used! I am prone to pimple breakouts, and your green cleansing bar and Aloe spray sorted those out quick smart!! It is amazing how the skin heals itself when given the right nutrients. Honestly, I noticed a difference overnight – cleansed, sprayed, woke up and my break outs were well on their way out. They go completely after about 3 days.

My friend noticed the same thing. I can’t tell enough people about your products! My boyfriend had some eczema on his elbow, so we sprayed it with your Aloe lotion and it went away after a day or two - Amazing. My sister now uses your products on herself and her baby and both have benefited since using them. Can you please email me back and let me know if I can use any of your products on my dog? He has itchy skin and I think your products would help. Regards,Nicole.

16th February 2006

Dear Jennifer, I just wanted to say thank you for your terrific helpfulness and good advice yesterday. The beautiful products arrived today - it was great to get them so quickly - and I'm looking forward to using them again.Best,Lea

31st January 2006

I am interested in the starter set for face, having used the face spray for a couple of years now. One of my friends of 30 years asked me the other day if I have had an eye lift ! because they are doing so well. She said " I know you haven't because you aren't vain like that", but at 53 next week, my skin has definitely gone into a holding pattern. The only constant thing in my skin care is the spray every day after my shower. So I am looking to expand the repertoire. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. thanks, Judy

27th Jan 2006 Dear Jenni

Thanks so much for the help! Sue saved my life. My sunburn healed straight away with the minimum of pealing. I've got a very important date on Sunday so I'm very happy. Such heart felt service. You guys rock!

That pure Aloe stuff is crazy. I got a blue bottle sting surfing on Wednesday night and I though what the heck, I guess I'll spray some on. Straight away the itching and pain went. Kindest regards, Allan Moore

13th Dec 2005

My wife loves your stuff and won’t go anywhere else for her aloe vera products and I have just realised that she is running low on this particular product and thought that it would be a nice surprise to get her a couple more for Christmas. Are you able to send a couple of these out to me before Christmas at all? Jack Christchurch New Zealand

28th Nov 2005

Dear Nicola,

My gorgeous man Sidney bought me a range of your products last week. My skin was terribly breaking out because I am on lots of drugs, going through chemotherapy for breast cancer, and on morphine and others for pain etc. I have been absolutely AMAZED at how fantastic the products are - in fact, I can't stop telling people about it. The products made a difference within 2 days, that fast.

I have been a retail manager for the last 20 years, first working for Grace Bros/Myer, then an international duty free company, and I have been trained in and used Chanel, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Christian Dior, Elizabeth Arden, Lancome, and Guerlain products, but for the last few years using Neutrogena. I cleaned out my bathroom cupboards last night, and am giving them all away, now I've found something that really works.

I couldn't believe how quickly my skin improved, and how soothing the lotion was at the same time. I have already decided to buy some more of your products as a Christmas gift for my mother, who has super-sensitive skin, and has had some skin cancers on her face. I would also like to buy some lip balm for myself, and eventually some eye cream too, maybe more. I would also like to buy some Grapefruit essential oil to help with my lymphodema, and would welcome a suggestion as to an aromatherapy oil to release grief, as this is something I need help with right now.I would also love to have a few of your brochures to hand out to people, you have a new convert! I am attending the Cancer Fund Look Good Feel Better programme on Monday for the second time, and I will be telling all the other ladies there about your fantastic range too. I will even do before and after photos for you if you like! Thank you.

Best regards, Belinda Castledine

1st oct 2005

Hi there,

My husband and I met you last year at the Sydney markets and brought some products that you recommended for my husbands psoriasis which he has on his elbows and knees.

It worked wonders and has been the only product that worked as well as it did. Thanks and regards Becky

24th August 2005

Thanks Jenni,

I left it too long to order and I'm almost out! I look forward to trying the lip balm - we are in the middle of a scorching summer in DC and I need all the moisture I can get!

12th September 2005


I bought some of your products during my stay in Australia and I'm so happy with them, that I'd like to order some more. So my first question: Is it possible to send them to Italy?

25th Aug 2005

Hi Jenni,

The massage oil has been great, especially for some of the ladies I massage at a retirement home, it is great on there gentle skin.

15th August 2005

Dear Wild Nature,

I purchased and began using your range of skin care products just 5 days ago and am just so over the moon. I have spent the past few years trying to find a natural skin care range that suited me and just when I thought I'd never find one, I have discovered Wild Nature. I am enjoying using your products immensely, they are so beautiful that I look forward to my next cleanse! My skin feels so soft and natural afterwards and I love the fragrance of the essential oils which are not overpowering. And with your affordable prices I am looking forward to adding more products to my collection.

Well done! Will be spreading the good news! Kind Regards Donna Sydney, NSW

10th May 2005

I have already tried the repair oil and the cleanser bar. An ex-girlfriend bought them for me after they were recommended on a stall (yours?) in Sydney for the horrible shaving rash (in growing hairs, mostly) that I’d suffered for years. A few months later and my neck has never looked so good: if only you could do something for the ugly face it supports J Feel free to put anything you like up as a testimonial, if you would find that at all helpful. I am delighted as nothing had worked before.

I’ve always thought that people telling me something would take months to work was a sales gimmick but you’re the real deal. If there’s anything I can say to help you convince visitors to your website of that… Thanks, Steven

Hi there,We were recently on holiday on the Sunshine Coast and while sheltering from torrential rain at the Eumundi Market Donna entertained us & impressed us with her belief in your products. We purchased the Face & Body Wash and Milk, and have been using them ever since.Since I turned 30 (3 1/2 years ago) I have been spending horrendous amounts on high quality cleanse, tone & moisturise products to "hinder" the effects of ageing.

I have to say within 5 days of using your products my face was glowing, and everyone was commenting on how well I looked. And even better, it's at a fraction of the price I had been spending!Now my expensive products are pushed to the back of the drawer, and I don't intend to go back to them ever again!I am very keen to order more of your products, as Donna said they can be delivered to NZ I hope to buy -

1 x Face & Body Lotion, 182ml 1 x F&B Milk, 1 litre
1 x F&B Wash, 1 litre
1 x Soap - 4 piece
1 x Shampoo, 250ml
1 x Conditioner, 250ml
1 x Bubble Bath, 250ml

(I think Donna said that 1 litre products come with a complimentary smaller bottle of the same product?) Thank you. Liz

Since my wife purchased a number of your products there and then she swears by them and says that they really help her skin- in particular on her face and around her eyes which were getting a little bit irritable since moving here (NZ) from Northern Ireland Regards Jack

I was recently in an accident where I grazed the entire right side of my face. My friends mother gave me some of your Aloe Vera in an atomiser and told me to spray it on my face twice a day. The results were amazing and within a week all the scab had come away and you could hardly see where the graze was.

Since then anyone who saw me immediately following the accident can't believe how well it has healed. You have now alerted a few more people to the amazing value that Aloe Vera has. I have been converted for life. I would therefore like to order the following Aloe Vera products from your website:....

Jodie Reid

28th Dec 2004

I recently went to Berry markets in NSW and obtained some Pure Organic Aloe Vera Face and Body Lotion, as the markets are only open monthly I was hoping to be able to obtain some more of the product another way. Could you also tell me if this product comes in a cream form, I have a skin allergy and often get extremely itch for no apparent reason, your product seems to stop the itch but as it is in a spray I feel that I perhaps waste a bit with the spraying. Look forward to hearing from you.

In passing I wish to let you know how beneficial the products I have ordered have helped me.

I first obtained the two products ordered (cream and Lotion), November last year, and yes it has lasted this long using the product every day. The young guy named Chris sold them to us in Brisbane.

I had, some weeks prior to this, gone through a hell of a time with hypertension and suffered badly with blistering around the neck and face. Anyhow, your products have been of great help to my skin. I am now aged 60, last week, and keep myself in fairly good shape playing golf etc and am outside more Often than not and have not had any problems since using the cream and lotion.

Trust I will hear from you very soon. Kindest regards Bob ........

...the Shampoo and conditioner which I was quite impressed with compared to many other natural products I've tried which usually make my hair very dry after one wash, but your conditioner left my hair feeling very silky so I'm keen to purchase some now.

Thanks, Dorothy

Dear Wild Nature,

I recently purchased your Pure Organic Aloe Vera Body Lotion and Body Cream and haven't stopped using it - they feel great on the skin and the cream has a divine natural smell. I have fair, sensitive, and reddish on the face skin and am hoping they will help calm this down. My partner uses them and I use them on my 12 month baby. It's great to find products that can be used by us all and I'm only sorry it took me so long to discover you.

Can you include me on your newsletter database so I'm updated with your products, we have a stall at the Byron Markets where I purchased first from so we can also see your products there but sometimes it just gets really busy for us and you so the newsletter would be great.

Thanks again for a great product range and you can be assured I'm spreading the word. Regards Jenny McAuley

I am 32, have fair skin and a family history of skin cancers. I recently used Aldara (under the care of a dermatologist) on two Basal Cell Carcinomas which produced blistering and scabbing. After the scabbing came away from the skin, I was left with a patch of pink skin the size of a 50 cent piece on my forehead. I started using the Aloe Vera spray immediately

The Aloe Vera significantly reduced the pinkness of the skin and restored an even colour and texture within a period of two weeks (with twice daily applications). The site where the BCC was is now undetectable. I will continue to use Aloe Vera as a way to remove scarring and discolouration from skin cancer treatments. Debra

Yattalunga, NSW.

1 February 2001

Hi !! I think your products are great, we bought and tried your product last time we were up in Byron, now we are Hooked, I have suffered from dandruff for many years and have purchased some of the most expensive and best products on the markets spending upwards $20.00- $30.00, and I can truly say this shampoo and the atomiser is the only product that has produced consistent results over the last 6 months, 1 am trying to convince some of my friends to buy your products so I am ordering some shampoo for them. Anyway here goes our order !!

Carlos & Bronwyn


Hi my name is Amelia

and I would just like to say thank you so much for your wonderful products im a 16 year old girl and I recently bought 2 of your products and think that there amazing the foamier aloe cleanser was fantastic I have highly sensitive skin and have always battled with products that have stripped my skins natural oils leaving me with very red skin but I was so glad to buy your products and will continue to buy them in the future keep up the fantastic work and keep everything natural thanks milly