Refill Size Hair Shampoo & Conditioner 1000ML + FREE 250ml

Go Green andÊSave.

We want to reward you for loving your Wild Nature product, with huge savings on this favourite when chosing this refill size.Ê

With this choice,Êyou're alsoÊsupporting our environmentÊby reducing excessive use of plastic. Less bottles and less lids means a cleaner environment for all.

Enjoying the larger size also gives you the opportunity of sharing this withÊeveryone in your home and someone who you know could benefit from such pure and gentle ingredients..why keep something this good just for yourself.

And with a natural shelf life of 2 years, it's simply the right choice.

* All Wild NatureÊcontainers are recyclableÊ

Experience healthy hair balance with this botanically rich and revitalising shampoo. Essential antioxidants, minerals and vitamins help repair and maintain gorgeous pH balanced hair, full of body and shine. Contains properties that assist in restoring a damaged scalp whilst supporting healthy hair growth. ÊSLS, PARABENS, FORMALIN, SILICON & FRAGRANCE FREE

Apply a small amount to wet hair and massage the scalp, then work to the tips. Rinse and repeat when necessary. For superior results follow with WN Conditioner and Aloe Spray then seal with WN Hair Serum. Ideal for coloured & treated hair.




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I am loving my products from wild nature. (The lip colour was wrong for me but it's very hard to tell over Internet but a lucky family member or friend shall use it!) quality of products are excellent and really loved my shampoo and conditioner samples. It's great to be able to try them first and will be purchasing them in the future. Thanks

Sandra L.