FAIR Powder Foundation No. 2 (8g)

Wild Nature Powder foundation is entirely breathable on your skin, it gives you coverage without feeling that you're wearing anything. The loose minerals also move as you move so there is no cracking around laugh lines. This is your Concealer, Makeup and Sun care in one application.

    • Wild Nature Powder foundation is entirely breathable on your skin, there is no risk of a Òtide markÓ on the jaw, as the product is applied with a brush. The loose minerals also move with your skin so there is no cracking around laugh lines. Excellent all day coverage, natural 20+ suncare, water resistance, virtually sweat proof. This is your Concealer, Makeup and Sun care in one application. The minerals soothe inflamed skin, and reduce the look of large pores, providing superior oil control with no separate concealer or powder needed. Your foundation will not run, smear or fade

      Coverage without feeling your wearing anything, those with redness, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis or acne get the added bonus of their makeup completely covering symptoms whilst calming and treating their skin with soothing natural ingredients.

    • The ingredients are without allergens and perfect for sensitive skin, SPF 20+ natural protection, Organic and Natural, Vegan,Gluten Free,Naturally Preserved, Water resistant, For All skin types, No Animal Testing & 100% chemical free form. 100% natural purity, quality and performance.

    • With just a quick brush of powder, your face will appear completely unblemished, from morning until night.

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Quite happy with the samples, thank you for those. The body wash & shampoo is ok, but I prefer a bit of a fragrance to it.

Always wonderful service and amazing

Always wonderful service and amazing products!

Ordering process is a work-in-progress

Although discussed during a phone call, I didn't receive any samples with my order.


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face scrub

Beautiful natural product - am soo pleased

Wonderful Anita. We always recommend applying on dry skin then showering off. You will experience a deeper exfoliation if applied after exercise when your pores are open and your circulation is pumping. ENJOY!!
Being using for many years

Being using for many years and love this product.

Faye, we just love caring for you. Xxxxx
Antioxidant Serum

I ADORE this product..!!!! It۪s stunning - my skin LOVES it. I get brilliant results from using this on a daily basis.

Hi Lisa, we۪re so chuffed to receive your message.. It۪s got to be my all time favourite too!!! I seal it in with my Milk_ if you haven۪t tried that then its a must!!! ENJOY!! xx
WN face and body wash.

I have only recently started using WN products my skin feels soft to touch and hasn't felt so good in ages i wouldn't use any other product from now on thank you. regards Jennie.

Hi Jennie We۪re so happy you۪ve joined our tribe of committed organic Skinaholics. Do let us know if there's anything else you۪d like to try xxx
love these products

I love using Wildnature skin care products. I have been converted to them for about 3 to 4 years. I litre bottle of the body/face lotion lasts me over 1 year and 3 of us use this morning and night!
Now I am slowly converting over to the makeup range...slow because of money.

Great choice Imelda! That works out to be roughly 5c per Aloe Lotion application! Love it. I know you love our Mascara.. me too! And you۪ll find WN Makeup just as good value and so gentle on your skin... for you and any teen. Protective and gorgeous naturally xx