10 Natural tips to make fine hair feel & look 10 times thicker

September 19, 2022 2 min read

10 Natural tips to make fine hair feel & look 10 times thicker

My Hair has always been fine and before I started Wild Nature, I always had it short or worn up! On that note: A short haircut is always going to help you get rid of the weight that’s pulling those limp strands down.

Making thin hair look and feel healthier, thicker and gorgeous... is possible without having to always crop it... stroll through 4 Wild Nature products and some great tips that really work.. Their easy to follow and work on all age hair without damaging you and your children's precious locks

Opt for a more invigorating shampoo that really gets the follicles on your scalp to pick up dry wild natures organic shampoo for sick root look really work your shampoo onto your head to by massaging your scalp stimulating blood flow

Here is where a lot of products that way your hair down get snuck into your daily routine steer clear of anything that says hydrating and smoothing on the bottle because these most likely have oils in them that will keep your hair from gaining volume. Use Wild Nature‘s conditioner for a light but deep condition that protects your scalp and hair without weighing your hair down.

Blow drying
First Step; Apply a heat specific oil (WildNature Hair Serum) or spray a heat protectent all over your hair (WildNature Aloe Lotion spritz). Be sure to flip your hair over and start blow drying with a round brush. After the dampness is gone, flipped the hair back over and begin to blow dry the rest in sections. Make sure to have a diffuser on the end of your dryer to give Hair ampt-up Vibe.

Velcro Rollers
After blow drying hair, set front pieces in Velcro rollers and clips for about 20 minutes to maintain high volume.

let the rollers out and lightly tease the parts of hair at the crown of your head.

Root Lifter
After teasing, split a small amount of root lifter in your hair to make sure your roots stay up this can be either moose or spray form just make sure not to put in too much product to work against you and weigh hair down in the process.  (WildNature Aloe Lotion spritz).

Don’t brush your hair too often, this stimulate oils from the scalp which will make his flat. If you must fix your hair with some sort of tool, opt for a wide tooth comb.

Washing Your Hair
We know you have probably heard this about 3000 times but do not wash your hair every day. You will benefit from this by getting fuller looking hair at the roots, and just apply Wild Nature Aloe Lotion spritz in between washes.

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