Sensitive Skin: 3 Things You Must Do Before Applying Makeup

June 01, 2022 3 min read

Organic skincare for senstive skin

Taking care of our skin is essential since it is the organ that is most likely to be affected during the ageing process. For example, constant use of hair dryers or a fast hand dryer can result in dryness leading to hair loss and cracked, wrinkled skin. Owing to different skin types, we need to pay a little more attention to our skincare products to keep our skin healthy and happy.

If you have got sensitive skin, you need to care for your skin, mainly when doing makeup. Unpopular opinion; applying makeup cannot give a seamless look; your skin needs to be smooth enough to have a ‘perfect look’. To ensure that the makeup products are not harming your skin, here are the three things you need to apply:

1.  Face & Body Wash:

Due to environmental pollution, our skin is prone to impurities and dust that results in dullness, acne, clogged pores etc. Keeping your face and body clean is essential to maintain its originality intact, and this is where face and body wash comes into play. It works as a gentle cleanser that washes everyday impurities, dust, makeup remains, and excess oil that causes acne.

It helps in keeping your skin hydrated, naturally fresh and smooth. Washing your face with an organic face wash nourishes it aptly. Besides, you will smell good! You can get your hands on the amazing line of face and body washes from Wild nature. They are purely organic and super effective!

2.  Aloe Lotion:

We know for a fact that Aloe Vera, in every form, works like a charm for your skin and hair health. Applying aloe Vera lotion to your skin before applying makeup makes your face smoother, and the foundation can be blended smoothly; if you do not have a primer, it could be the one. Moreover, aloe Vera lotion adds a protective layer to your skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties help restore sunburn.

Aloe Vera lotion is a great moisturiser and has all the nutrients, i.e. vitamin C and E, which makes it an anti-ageing agent. You can get yourself extracted aloe Vera lotion from wild nature and get the glow you have been dreaming of.

3.  Antioxidant Serum:

As the name suggests, antioxidant serum by wild nature is specifically designed to restore your skin’s glow by catalysing cellular growth. It gives your skin the radiance and moisture that brings it back to life. It even your skin tone and allows products to blend with your skin flawlessly, thus, giving it a natural look. Since the antioxidant serum promotes cellular growth, it helps reduce wrinkles and signs of ageing.

Look for the Alarming Signs:

If you are consistently applying makeup and not paying attention to the essential skincare, you are damaging your skin, and the long-term results will not be pleasant at all. It is better to keep your skin’s health in mind even when you are applying makeup.

Bumpy, oily, acne-prone or super dry skin hinders the perfection and flawlessness you can get from applying foundation. These products will let your makeup settle naturally while keeping its original glow and radiance intact. Please pay attention to your skincare routine; it will help you to maintain fresh looking skin, retain your youthful appearance for longer.